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From: Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation

WWII - Yanks Strike Back (DVD)

DVD (UPC: 089218694591)

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Richard Arlen, Susan Hayward, Joe Sawyer
  • Documentary
  • 61 min
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THE ENEMY JAPAN: This Department Of The Navy production expounds upon the premise that the Japanese believe that they will emerge victorious, that they will never surrender and they must be beaten for the war to end. The vast Imperial war machine had swept victorious over enormous sections of the globe for the previous eleven years. The savage campaigns in which they conquered Manchuria, invaded China and drove the allies from the Philippines are graphically depicted. The brutal treatment and enslavement of survivors and the rape of the resources of the conquered territories became their trademark. The film ends with the unprovoked surprise attack on America at Pearl Harbor.

ARMY AIR FORCES: General H. H. Arnold introduces this Army Air Force production which relates how awesome American air power tightened the noose around Japan. Slowly, painfully and at a tremendous cost in men and materials, we "advanced the bomber line," moving ever closer and closer to the day when our forces would bring the war to Japan and Tokyo. Relentlessly raining death from above on our enemies until ultimately, atomic weapons would erase Hiroshima and Nagasaki from the map to bring the Japanese Empire to its knees and force its unconditional surrender.

A LETTER FROM BATAAN: Paramount produced this heart-wrenching short subject with an all-star cast led by Richard Arlen, Susan Hayward and featuring Joe Sawyer. It shows how thoughtless actions on the home front, simple things like wasting rubber or hoarding food, can lead to the unnecessary tragic deaths of America's sons, who are risking their lives on the battlefields of Europe and the Pacific.

NEWS PARADE OF 1944: The liberation of France is achieved as General Patton's Third Army drives the scattered and defeated German forces back across the Rhine. General Eisenhower, commander-in-chief of the combined allied forces, triumphantly enters Paris. The historic moment when the vanguard of the American Army smashes through the Siegfried Line, bringing war to German soil for the first time since Napoleon and General Douglas MacArthur driving the Japanese from the Philippines comprise but a few of the highlights of this historic newsreel.


  • UPC: 089218694591
  • Release: 2023-03-14
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  • Runtime: 61
  • Genre: Documentary
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  • Rating: NR
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  • Color/BW: Black & White
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  • Number of Discs: 1
  • Disc Format: DVD

Cast and Crew


Richard Arlen
Susan Hayward
Joe Sawyer