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The Life and Passion of Jesus Christ with From The Manger to The Cross (DVD)

DVD (UPC: 889290091963)

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Madame Moreau (Life and Passion) / Robert Henderson-Bland, Percy Dyer, Gene Gauntier, Alice Hollister (From the Manger)
  • Drama
  • 115:00 min
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Both pioneering films on this DVD depict well known incidents in the life of Jesus Christ. In quite different ways, both were also ambitious milestones of the young, relatively untried cinema; both won world fame, huge audiences and a screen life of decades when most secular films of the time measured their commercial life in weeks. La Vie et la passion de Jesus-Christ was begun in 1902 by Ferdinand Zecca (1864-1947) for Pathe Freres in Paris, then the most important film company in the world. Zecca made 18 carefully costumed and staged tableaux against painted backdrops which are clearly influenced by the famous Biblical woodcuts of Gustave Dore (1866). In 1903, Pathe Freres developed up to four colors to each film print by a stencil process; that year and in 1904, ten new tableaux were added to the film. Finally, in 1905, Zecca's collaborator, Lucien Nonguet, added three final scenes, and the resulting color film of 31 tableaux with a running time of 44 minutes became the most impressive of its kind and one of the first long films in the world. Presented by missionaries and itinerant showmen from Indiana to Indochina, it helped establish the popular iconography of the Divine story. This edition is restored from two excellent 35mm original prints and presents The Life and Passion of Jesus Christ as it looked a century ago. From The Manger to The Cross was made on location in Egypt and Palestine for the Kalem Company during the winter and spring of 1912. The film is notable for restraint in presentation, all concerned being clearly aware of the special responsibility they shouldered in depicting the story of Jesus. Here again, as in many subsequent Biblical films, Dore supplied basic imagery. First shown October 14, 1912, it is one of the earliest American feature films, representing extraordinary faith not only in Scripture but also in long-form screen storytelling (although the film could also be shown in one-reel segments). Of course, that sinkhole of secularism, the ordinary movie theater, was regarded as unworthy of this spiritually exalted endeavor, which was exhibited with enormous success in special Sunday presentations, in concert halls and in other sites previously closed to cinema. This edition is mastered from a modern print taken from the original negative, which was re-titled later in the teens. From The Manger to The Cross was added to the National Film Registry in 1998. SPECIAL FEATURES: Speed Corrected Digital Transfers from Excellent Film Materials Life and Passion is in Full Pathe Stencil Color, From the Manger to the Cross is Color Tinted Digital Stereo Score for Life and Passion Compiled and Performed by Timothy Howard at the 100-Rank Aeolian Pipe Organ, Pasadena (California) Presbyterian Church The Life and Passion of Jesus Christ Year: 1902-1905 Length: 44 minutes Director: Ferdinand Zecca From The Manger to The Cross Year: 1912 Length: 71 minutes Director: Sidney Olcott Starring: Robert Henderson-Bland, Percy Dyer, Gene Gauntier, Alice Hollister Format: NTSC Produced for DVD by David Shepard Recorded by Philip Calvert From the Blackhawk Films Collection Presented by Flicker Alley


  • UPC: 889290091963
  • Release: 2017-03-14
  • Content Provider: Flicker Alley, LLC
  • Runtime: 115:00
  • Genre: Drama
  • Language: English
  • Format: DVD-NTSC
  • Screen: 0.16875
  • Aspect: 1.33:1
  • Rating: NR
  • Audio: Stereo
  • Color/BW: BW
  • Special Features: Legally blocked by Paramount from making films for others, he and his wife, Natacha Rambova, embarked on a national dance tour sponsored by a beauty aid called Mineralava. It culminated in a beauty contest judged by Valentino. A newsreel of this event is included at the end this DVD, along with the short film The Sheik's Physique; both gave Valentino-hungry audiences another glimpse of their idol.
  • Copyright: Special Contents of This Edition (c)2002 by Film Preservation Associates, Inc. / Blu-ray Publication and Design (c)2016 Flicker Alley, LLC
  • Number of Discs: 1
  • Disc Format: DVD

Cast and Crew


Madame Moreau (Life and Passion) / Robert Henderson-Bland
Percy Dyer
Gene Gauntier
Alice Hollister (From the Manger)

Written by:

Scenario by Gene Gauntier (From the Manger)

Directed by:

Ferdinand Zecca and Lucien Nonguet (Life and Passion) / Sidney Olcott (From the Manger)

Produced by:

Pathe Freres