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Random Media presents:

The Last Supper (DVD)

DVD (UPC: 883476144948)

  • Drama (Aspect: 16:9)
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ei Liu, Daniel Wu, Chen Chang, Lan Qin, Yi Sha
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Yu is a young noble: handsome, brave, admired. Commander of the era's most powerful army, he leads the revolt against the cruel Qin dynasty. Yu recognizes great potential in Liu, a peasant, and gives him command of 5,000 soldiers. Liu breaks an agreement with Yu by entering and ransacking the Qin capital alone. The Qin dynasty falls and Yu rules. Wary of treachery, his advisers plot to kill Liu at a great banquet, but the emperor spares his life. From this 'last supper', Liu will wage war against Yu. Xin, an adviser to Yu, joins him. Defeated, Yu commits suicide on the battlefield rather than submit to capture. Yu is dead, but now Xin is a threat. Liu imprisons then releases him, but broods about having spared Xin's life as Yu spared his Xin too must die. Emperor Liu has finally reached his goal. But his soul remains deeply troubled -- haunted by the ghosts of his betrayals, unable to find peace in the position he dreamed of and fought ruthlessly to achieve.


  • UPC: 883476144948
  • Home Release: 2017-10-31
  • Original Release: 2014
  • Content Provider: Random Media
  • Runtime: 120:00
  • Genre: Drama
  • Language: Chinese
  • Format: DVD-NTSC
  • Screen:
  • Aspect: 16:9
  • Rating: NR
  • Audio: Stereo
  • Color/BW: Color
  • Special Features:
  • Copyright: Stellar Mega Fim Co., Ltd
  • Number of Discs: 1
  • Disc Format: DVD-5

Cast and Crew

ei Liu
Daniel Wu
Chen Chang
Lan Qin
Yi Sha

Written by:
Chuan Lu

Directed by:
Chuan Lu

Produced by:
Guoqin Gu
Chuan Lu
Alan Zhang Lun
Teng-Kuei Yang