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Real Road Adventures: Lucerne--Lake Lucerne Region & Interlaken-Jungfrau Region
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    Two half-hour episodes plus bonus clips from American Public Television sustainable travel series. Jeff Wilson navigates the E-Grand Tour of Switzerland in an electric car. *Lucerne-Lake Lucerne Region: It's city art and high-voltage, low impact outdoor fun: e-biking, an eco-cruise, and an organic "food trail." *Interlaken & Jungfrau Region: Jeff wanders medieval castle ramparts, scales a glacier, goes white-water rafting, zip-lining, and makes chocolate.

    Real Road Adventures: Zurich & Liechtenstein
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      Two half-hour episodes from the American Public Televisions series on sustainable travel, plus bonus clips. Host Jeff Wilson navigates the E-Grand Tour of Switzerland in an all-electric car. *Zurich: Jeff finds innovation everywhere in modern Zurich, then visits a stunning Benedictine abbey. *Lichtenstein: This tiny, scenic country punches above its weight in sustainability and outdoor fun. Jeff hikes with llamas, visits a distillery, and samples fondue.

      Real Road Adventures: Schilthorn & Zermatt-Matterhorn / Lake Geneva Region
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        Two half-hours from the American Public Television series on sustainable travel, plus bonus clips. Host Jeff Wilson navigates portions of the E-Grand Tour of Switzerland in an all-electric car. * Schilthorn & Zermatt-Matterhorn: Jeff takes cable cars and bikes to heart-stopping Alpine mountain views and cavorts with blacknose sheep. *Lake Geneva Region: Western Switzerland has it all: Roman ruins, scenic vineyards, and a global world view.

        Outpost in Morocco
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          Outpost in Morocco is a 1949 action adventure film starring George Raft and Marie Windsor. The production company got permission to actually film in Morocco using the real Foreign Legion. The production company spent nearly five months filming battle scenes and chases in Morocco, utilizing a total of 85,000 feet of film. Spahi Captain Paul Gerard (George Raft) is assigned to lead a patrol to the city of Bel-Rashad en route to a French Foreign Legion fort. Gerard is to escort the Emir's...

          Amazing Race Season 10 (2006)
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            The Emmy * award-winning reality adventure returns with THE AMAZING RACE Season 10. Teams make sure that no roadblock, detour, or challenge stands in their way as they race through 4 continents, 13 countries, and over 40,000 miles in under 30 days. This season marks first-time visits to Kuwait, Mongolia, Ukraine, Mauritius, Finland, and Madagascar. Keeping things fresh and exciting, this diverse cast includes a coal miner and his wife, beauty pageant queens, and a team member with a prosthetic...

            Rare Shorts from the Golden Age of Hollywood, Volume 2
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              THE SPIRIT OF 1976 (1935): In the far-flung future of 1976, work is outlawed and people have numbers instead of names. A group of stodgy old codgers -- nostalgic for the days of 9 to 5 -- stage a revolt. This parody of a socialist utopia stars a pre-stardom Betty Grable and Walter Woolf King (from the Marx Brothers' A Night at the Opera.) Directed by Leigh Jason. MELODY IN MAY (1936): Frank Coghlan, Jr. becomes the laughing stock of his high school after he tells everyone he's got a date with...

              Dream with the Fishes
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                David Arquette, Brad Hunt, Cathy Moriarty and Kathryn Erbe star in this irreverently romantic road trip written and directed by Finn Taylor. Hoping to fulfill his unusual fantasies in grand style, fast-talking Nick (Brad Hunt) makes a pact with his eccentric neighbor Terry (David Arquette): If Terry will bankroll the adventure, Nick will help Terry realize his own particularly bizarre fantasies. The unlikely duo embark upon a wild spree ending in a hometown reconciliation for Nick, a profound...

                The Most Insane Motorcycle Ride
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                  It's a Virtual Reality ride with Team Kawasaki's 12 time winner of the Baja 1000, Larry Roeseler. Brilliant helmet cam footage combined with spectacular off road scenery makes this ride with Roeseler a great off-road adventure. Special guests featured are Ty Davis, National Enduro Champion and Jerry Bernardo of ESPN fame. Follow Larry and his crew as they take on the off-road trails that helped Roeseler win 12 Baja 100 races! Original soundtrack by: Engine 88, Die Krupps, Capsize 7, Combine,...

                  Outback, The
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                    In April of 1987, two Americans disappeared in the Australian Outback while on a camping holiday -- never to be seen alive again. Their abandoned vehicles and unused supplies were found in sand dunes near an Aboriginal sacred site.Twenty years later, three couples set out to the very same desert for a weekend of fun and adventure. Acting on the advice of a mysterious transient who sells them a map with directions to an out-of-the-way swimming hole, they end up stranded at a surreal impasse,...

                    Tom Tyler Double Feature: Fighting Hero (1934) / Feud of The Trail (1937)
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                      After driving a chariot in the silent version of Ben-Hur, Tom Tyler began appearing in western features and serials. The former weight lifting champion (said to have hoisted an astonishing 760 lbs.) possessed a natural athletic strength and grace that made him a fan favorite. In 1940, he terrified audiences as the monster Kharis, in The Mummy's Hand. A year later he reached the zenith of his popularity in the title role in The Adventures of Captain Marvel. In addition to his starring roles in...

                      Rubber Tires (Silent)
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                        Working girl Mary Ellen Stack lives in poverty in New York with her parents and kid brother. They decide to sell their dilapidated home and make a go of it in California. To make the journey, Mary Ellen purchases a slightly used automobile from the local junk dealer. Little does she realize that it is the first car ever built by the Tourist Motors Company, and they are offering a substantial ($10,000) reward for it. When word gets out that the prized automobile is on the road, treasure hunters...