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Dead by Christmas
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    Reunited for the holidays, a group of friends raised together in a troubled Louisiana orphanage are stalked by a killer dressed like Santa Claus.

    Bridge and Tunnel
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      A group of twenty-somethings struggle to cope with dating, debt, and the transition to adulthood while living with their parents in the suburbs of New York City.

      The Rocket
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        “The Rocket” is a small town story inspired by true events. A high school football player suffers a severe head injury and loses his entire life plan. The heaviness of a broken relationship with his father, and losing the identity of football star push him to seek a new way to prove himself. Despite being an unlikely runner, the Cross Country Coach brings the young man aboard the team out of necessity. Through much struggle, doubt, and determination, he attempts to find a new way...

        Mr. Cleaver
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          Seven gutter punks break into a seemingly abandoned warehouse only to find themselves hunted by its bloodthirsty owner. A sex, drugs, and gore throwback to the straight-to-video slasher movies of the early 90s. "Fly back to a better time in cinema with this film's palpable, electric atmosphere." -

          American Bred
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            In present day Detroit, where the influence of organized crime has diminished; one of the lasting crime syndicates begins to unravel when lies, mystery and betrayal devour the trust, which holds them together.