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Esther and the King
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    Joan Collins stars as Esther in this melodramatic, routine Biblical story. The setting is Persia in the fourth century B.C., as Esther comes to the attention of the recently widowed King Ahasuerus. The King has been trying to stifle and defeat the campaign of hatred fomented against the Jews by his evil minister Haman (Sergio Fantoni). Before the King can pair off with Esther and defeat the villainous Haman, there are several intervening adventures and an additional, attractive woman who...

    Around the Fire
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      A privileged boy (Devon Sawa) is introduced to a world of freedom and dreamers. He falls for a hippie girl (Tara Reid) but gets tangled in bad decisions a modern-day prodigal son story with a backdrop of the psychedelic music touring scene.

      Nativity, The
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        This colorful and inspirational adaptation of the greatest story every told follows the life of Jesus Christ from his birth through his childhood. As he grows into manhood, his special message is heard by many. However, not all become followers, and his life ends brutally. Watch and listen as this film takes you back to the places where it all began and hear the timeless words that yet today touch human hearts, challenge brilliant minds, and provide a plan for life today with the Master. His...

        Two Steps From Hope
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          Jamie, a typical teenage girl who struggles to follow her families rules, is about to have her world turned upside down. A sudden tragic death in the family sends Jamie and her parents into a downward spiral with her parents blaming each other and her. Jamie is feeling lost and alone and searching for hope and an answer to end her guilt. Jamie's friend helps her to find the hope she has been missing in God. Will her parents find God to dissolve their anger and find hope in this difficult...

          Roadmap Jerusalem
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            "Roadmap Jerusalem" is a documentary that tracks the connection of Jerusalem to the Jewish people by exploring the biblical, archaeological and political history of the city. Over the course of filming, Rabbi Nolan Lebovitz comes to the realization that only under the control of the modern state do all people of all religions have unfettered access to her holy sites

            Horse Camp: A Treasure Tail
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              Horse Camp: A Treasure Tail is a story about a horse camp that teaches good values and morals to young women. It centers on the importance of mentorship and being a good role model to younger people taught by two women camp counselors who value the priceless tradition the camp brings. But when the camp's existence comes into question from a corporate acquisition, what will save it? When big business competes with virtue, who will win?

              Defense of New Haven, The
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                Caught in the upheaval when the Raiders begin attacks against the city of New Haven, Alec joins the team that forms the thin line of defense. Slowed by a physical handicap and resistance from members of the team, Alec must choose where to focus his efforts if he is to keep his job with the force, and if they are to stop the Raiders from destroying the city. Join Alec, Eddie, Pete, and the crew as they battle through perilous adventures, hilarious mishaps, and tear-jerking moments in this...

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                  A teenage boy raised entirely "off the grid" in the Appalachian Mountains, suddenly finds himself homeless, alone, and lost in a hi-tech modern world that he has never known before. Snatched from the jaws of the foster care system by a sympathetic deputy sheriff, who takes him into her home against the wishes of her troubled family. Problems grow from bad to worse as he discovers the truth about himself and uncovers secrets about his past that bring new meaning to the phrase "testing your...

                  Cross Purposes
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                    Andrew Morrison is an ambitious, driven professional determined to prove himself to be a top medical student. To pad his school application, he reluctantly takes a temporary job as a nurses' assistant and sets out to prove what an excellent doctor he will make. Jamie Walker is a precocious sixteen-year-old long-term patient whose life has been put on hold with an illness that threatens his future. Playful, lively, and extremely bored, Jamie is looking for a purpose of his own. When these two...

                    Wings Of The Wind
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                      Its 1946, Rose Cornell, a resolute young woman, struggles with her faith while searching for answers after a series of painful events. She has been abandoned by her mother, her brother is addicted to illegal gambling, and a near tragic crash has taken away her favorite pastime of flying airplanes. As Rose reaches the point of turning her back on her faith, will an unlikely source lead her to the goodness of God? Will she find His love, faithfulness, and restoration? Follow Rose's journey to...

                      Painting Autumn Series
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                        Autumn Farve is a popular beauty vlogger, who scores the internship of a lifetime, working in the makeup department for "Time Warp Tour", the most popular teen show on television. Autumn soon finds out that living her dream in Hollywood means accepting all the drama that comes with it. Through vlogging, her own creativity, and relying on her palette of friends, Autumn dazzles everyone in LA with her small town values and her heart of gold.

                        Golden Mind
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                          An inspirational story of high school sweethearts; Seth, born into modest means, but has a heart of gold and Belen, born wealthy and, after coming to know Jesus, discovers a golden love for people. Belens friends and parents see Seth as a gold digger. Times are hard for Seth's family. When his little sister is six, his father leaves to look for work in another state. Not long after, he writes to say he has become involved with another woman and wants a divorce. The shock sends Seths mother...