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From: Lionsgate

Edgar Cayce : Sleeping Psychic (DVD)

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While appearing to sleep, he touched the lives of thousands and saw into the future. His remarkable gift made him the most famous spiritualist since Nostradamus. Edgar Cayce downplayed his apparently supernatural abilities, saying, "I don't do anything you can't do, if you're willing to pay the price." The price must have been high indeed, for he seemingly traveled through space and time with his mind alone. BIOGRAPHY profiles the life of the man known as "the sleeping psychic." See how he predicted both World Wars and the 1929 stock market crash, and diagnosed the illnesses of people sometimes thousands of miles away, all from a trance-like sleep. See how his prescriptions for the afflictions he diagnosed foreshadowed many of the staples of today's holistic and homeopathic cures. Spiritualists and cynics examine his gift and career, while contemporary accounts and interviews with those he helped cure testify to his astonishing abilities. Join BIOGRAPHY for the life of the humble man who, when pressed on the nature of his gift, claimed only that he tried to be "a man of God."


  • UPC: 733961737165
  • Home Release: 2022-05-17
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