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From: Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation

Dateline Europe, Volume 4 (DVD)

DVD (UPC: 089218787293)

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Jerome Thor
  • Television
  • 100 min
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With the horror of World War II over, the Cold War heats up as governments adjust to the new borders that have been redrawn practically overnight. Now intrepid American reporter and WWII vet Robert Cannon (Jerome Thor) finds himself tangling with espionage rings, black market gangs and war criminals in this long-lost TV drama! This series, the brainchild of Sheldon Reynolds (creator of television's Sherlock Holmes with Ronald Howard) originally aired under the name Foreign Intrigue. After two seasons, leading man Thor was replaced by James Daly (the change of star also meant a change in character and locale.) Those episodes were retitled Overseas Adventure in reruns, while a fourth and final season starring Gerald Mohr became Cross Current. Thor's two seasons worth of shows aired in syndication as Dateline Europe, due to their being shot in Stockholm. The smart mix of adventure and suspense on display is reminiscent of the Cold War film noir The Third Man (1949) and the radio program The Lives of Harry Lime (1951-1952).

GOLD: Cannon's colleague, Steve Godfrey, learns of a reclusive man stockpiling gold.

THE LETTER: On the eve of the signing of a monumental peace treaty, the Swedish prime minister's secretary is murdered.

PARIS TRAIN: The reporter chances upon an old flame, but their reunion is interrupted by murder.

SEARCH FOR A TELEPHONE: Cannon is mistaken for a black market fence wanted by the police.


  • UPC: 089218787293
  • Release: 2023-03-14
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  • Runtime: 100
  • Genre: Television
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  • Rating: NR
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  • Color/BW: Black & White
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  • Number of Discs: 1
  • Disc Format: DVD

Cast and Crew


Jerome Thor

Directed by:

Sheldon Reynolds