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Male and Female
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    Evincing Cecil B. DeMille's unequaled flair for glamorized decadence and wry social comment, Male and Female is a tongue-in-cheek morality play that playfully examines the codes of conduct of class-conscious Britain when the film was made in 1919. In the role that made her a star, Gloria Swanson stars as Lady Mary Lasenby, complacent in her status and happy when being pampered by handmaids in her luxurious boudoir and bath. Less certain that merit and social rank are equivalent is the...

    London Symphony
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      Flicker Alley, in partnership with Disobedient Films, proudly present London Symphony, a brand new silent film—a city symphony—which offers a poetic journey through the city of London. It is an artistic snapshot of the city as it stands today, and a celebration of its culture and diversity. The film is divided into four parts, corresponding to the four movements of a musical symphony. FIRST MOVEMENT: The first movement (morning) begins by looking at construction in the city, moving...