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The Hand Of Man Vol 6 (DVD)

DVD (UPC: 889290921864)

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Patricia Lown, George Touzenis
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Episode 6 Biennale 2, Show 3 Paris Jean Lupu, Paris Jean tells George about: A superb Svres service, dated 1763, painted by Mreaud at Svres, with the royal cypher, from the Rothschild Family collection at Chateau Ferrire; Two 19th century Svres vases and a Coupe, made as a gift for King Louis- Philippe, from his sister. The paintings represent the royal palaces, where the King had stayed while he was in exile. On the vases are the chateau of Randan and the chateau de Maulmont and on the coupe are the palace of Twickenham and the chateau of the Tuileries; A late 17th century jewellery box, which is exceptionally large, made of tortise shell, mother of pearl, pewter and gold, with secret boxes and a mercury mirror; An extraordinary roll top marquetry desk made in Madrid, for King Carlos III of Spain, by the Flemish cabinet maker Canops. Robert C. Noortman and William Noortman, Maastricht Robert shows Patricia the work of three generations of great Dutch painters, Jan Davidsz van de Heem, his son Cornelius and grandson David; William talks about the inter-connection of the Brueghel family, showing works by Jan Brueghel the Elder and Jan Brueghel the Younger, discussing their relationships with Pieter Brueghel, David Teniers the Younger and Peter Paul Rubens; A big first for the Biennale a Rembrandt portrait of a soldier. The first time a Rembrandt has appeared at the Biennale. Haboldt & Co., Bob Haboldt, New York and Paris Bob tells Patricia about: A large architectural Dutch capriccio painting of the 17th century by Gerard Houckgeest and goes on to discuss the painters of the Delft School, who were so well known for their interiors like Jan Vermeer and Pieter de Hooch; He then talks about his house specialty, Dutch drawings of the 17th century: A French drawing of a head by Wicar, probably from Rome; A drawing of heads from a draughtsman from the Leiden school, 1540s; Sepia drawing of a head by Cornelis Dusart; Finely executed gouache of Joseph interpreting Pharaohs dreams by Willem van Mieris; The most valuable drawing, the smallest, a head study, by Jacob de Gheyn, early 17th century. Axel Vervoordt, Wijnegem and Antwerp Axel shows a first century Roman Venus in two colours of marble (1,900 years old); A 3,000 year old Egyptian bronze cat; An extremely rare beaker made of a single natural rhinoceros horn, mounted on silver and carved in Augsburg in 1675, with carved ivory rhinoceros lid and ivory Hercules base. He explains the mythical elements of earth and water and fire and air, and the secret that the horn changes colour if poison is added to the liquid in the beaker. Oriental Bronzes Ltd., Christian Deydier, Paris and London Christian explains the evolution of bronze in Chinese art, showing: A 16th century BC (3,600 years old) bronze pot in a simple design and shape, in perfect condition; 12th century bronzes, in a stronger design, symbols of the power given by God to the King; Different shapes, depending on the ritual, with more complicated designs, representing the links between the dead and the living; 7th century BC ritual bronze bowl from South China; The Warring States period (5th-3rd century BC), when bronze was in common use: Vase in bronze and lacquer; a cup for rice wine in bronze, inlaid with lapis and malachite; 9th century AD objects of a Turko-Mongol tribe from the north of China, in wood and gold; Yau dynasty pillow, hat, burial masks in gold; the man and wife and sometimes the concubine were all buried together; decorative objects and jewellery.


  • UPC: 889290921864
  • Home Release: 2020-02-18
  • Original Release: 2001
  • Content Provider: Films Around the World
  • Runtime: 48
  • Genre: Documentary
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  • Disc Format: DVD-5

Cast and Crew

Patricia Lown
George Touzenis

Written by:

Directed by:
David Amory Lown

Produced by: