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Thunder Town (DVD)

DVD (UPC: 886470678846)

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Bob Steele, Syd Saylor, Jimmy Aubrey, Steve Clark, Bud Geary, Ellen Hall, Edward Howard, Charles King, Bud Osborne, Pascale Perry
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Bob Steele is back on New York screen--burdened with a new mustache and the drastic handicap of being cast as a parolee forbidden to tote any kind of shootin' irons. 'Thunder Town' is occasionally dull on that account, being mostly a series of ambushes Bob can't meet head-on, but Syd Saylor's comedy proves better than is usually provided by westerns. Story has Steele framed and imprisoned by a gang guilty of robbery and murder. The task of proving himself innocent and exposing the culprits is vastly complicated by the fact that he's an ex-convict whose freedom depends on his good behavior. By way of a plot dividend, there's some prospective crookedness in ranch grabbing, also the threat of forcing Steele's fiancé to marry one of the villains. (New York Daily News, 1946)


  • UPC: 886470678846
  • Home Release: 2015-02-02
  • Original Release: 1946
  • Content Provider: Films Around the World
  • Runtime: 57:00
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  • Color/BW: B&W
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  • Number of Discs: 1
  • Disc Format: DVD-5

Cast and Crew

Bob Steele
Syd Saylor
Jimmy Aubrey
Steve Clark
Bud Geary
Ellen Hall
Edward Howard
Charles King
Bud Osborne
Pascale Perry

Written by:

Directed by:
Harry L. Fraser

Produced by: