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Kansas City Confidential (The Film Detective Restored Version)

Blu-Ray (UPC: 818522014586)
  • Crime (Aspect: 0.0645833333333)
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John Payne, Coleen Gray

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In Kansas City Confidential, four robbers hold up an armored truck, getting away with over a million dollars in cash. Joe Rolfe (John Payne), a down-on-his-luck delivery driver who is accused of involvement in the heist, sets out to discover who set him up and to exact revenge. He follows a trail that leads him to a web of hired killers and corrupt police in Mexico. Kansas City Confidential was the source of inspiration for QuentinTarantino’s “Resevoir Dogs”. An imaginative film noir classic, this is a fast-paced and highly entertaining gem!

  • UPC: 818522014586
  • Release Date: 1952
  • Content Provider: The Film Detective
  • Runtime: 99:00
  • Genre: Film Noir, Crime
  • Language: English
  • Format: BR
  • Screen:
  • Aspect: 0.0645833333333
  • Rating: NR
  • Audio:
  • Color/BW: BW
  • Special Features: Important Product Information: This product is manufactured on demand in the BD-R format. It will play in nearly all leading Blu-ray players that have the latest firmware updates. Microsoft Xbox One, however, does not currently support BD-R playback.
  • Copyright: The Film Detective
  • Number of Discs: 1
  • Disc Format: BD-25

Cast and Crew

John Payne
Coleen Gray

Written by:
George Bruce
Harry Essex

Directed by:
Phil Karlson

Produced by: