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World War I – American Legacy (DVD)

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World War 1 – American Legacy vividly tells the many forgotten stories of the men and women who served in the Great War, reminding Americans of their impact on our country that can still be felt today. Charles Whittlesey of the Lost Battalion and Father Duffy of the Fighting 69th became famous for surviving against impossible odds. Pilots Victor Chapman and Quentin Roosevelt and ambulance drivers like Richard Hall made the supreme sacrifice Writers such as e.e.cummings, Ernest Hemingway, Joyce Kilmer and Alan Seeger were inspired by the tragedy around them. African-American soldiers like James Reese Europe and the Harlem Hell Fighters made history. Female volunteers like the “Hello Girls” and Red Cross nurses risked their lives supporting the troops and started a new era for women. From the summer of 1914 to November 1918, the Great War cost over 14 million lives, devastated entire countries and destroyed countless architectural landmarks. The war also led to important developments in literature, technology, music and social equality that have shaped the culture of 21st century America. Monuments and dedications to World War 1 veterans surround Americans today as a tribute to their service and sacrifice. Filmed in high definition and full of period music, photographs and monuments, World War 1 – American Legacy includes rare images that have never been seen before on screen, bringing the extreme detail of the Great War to life.


  • UPC: 646032041095
  • Home Release: 2016-05-13
  • Original Release: 2006
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