About Our $1.00 Shipping

Our customers ask us – do we really ship for just one dollar? The answer is YES! We want to be your favorite place to shop and buy. And, if just one DVD is all you need, we don’t want you spending as much on shipping as you do for the DVD itself. Here’s how it works:

Continental US Orders

  • For DVD orders going to Continental US destinations that means you pay just $1.00 for your entire order!
  • We ship via UPS Mail Innovations as our standard ship method. This means UPS takes care of getting your order from our manufacturing facility to your local post office. Then, your postal carrier delivers the order to your mail box.
  • Shipping times generally ranges from 5-8 days depending on your US location.
  • ** Note - US orders do have tracking numbers. However, it may take a couple days for the tracking number to become visible.

Non US Orders

  • For most of our titles, orders outside the US ship for just $1.00 per DVD title. We ship to Europe, South America, Australia, and more. If you’ve purchased DVDs from any other store, you know how expensive shipping can be. Now you have a truly affordable alternative.
  • We do carry titles where we source from third party distributors. These titles require extra shipping an handling. So, the cost to ship those is $3.00 per DVD. Additionally, these third party titles may be Region 1 coded and would require that you have a DVD player that can play Region 1 coded NTSC DVD's.
  • We ship via UPS Mail Innovations International. As with US orders, UPS delivers orders to the local postal carrier in your country.
  • Shipping times generally range from 8-15 days.
  • **Note - Overseas orders do not have tracking numbers.

** Note – If you reside outside the US, you may need to contact your bank and let them know you’re purchasing from a US based e-commerce store. Banks often have fraud prevention software designed to not authorize purchases outside your home country. If you receive a “card declined” message, chances are there is nothing wrong with your card. You just need to make a quick call to the bank and let them know – then re-try your purchase at Movie Zyng.