Rough Cut
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  • Action (Aspect: SIXTEEN_TO_NINE)
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    What happens when an aspiring actor slash crime lord meets a pompous action star with violent tendencies? Yea, we don't know the answer either, but this movie will tell you. While filming his latest film, Su-ta took his role of playing a gangster "too seriously" and ends up sending one of the stuntmen to the hospital, adding to his already notoriously bad reputation in the film industry. Blackballed by the studios Su-ta enlists wannabe actor, Gang-pae, to join the film production...on the condition that he fights for real. The problem is, Gang-pae is actually really a gangster. The two main characters continue to tease and fight every chance they get and although this results in some impressive footage for the production, soon both of their lives are changing, and not necessarily for the better.

    • UPC: 886470445967
    • Release Date:
    • Content Provider: Digital Media Rights
    • Runtime: 113:00
    • Genre: Action; Drama
    • Language: English
    • Format: DVD-NTSC
    • Screen: 720x480_30I
    • Aspect: SIXTEEN_TO_NINE
    • Rating:
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    • Number of Discs: 1
    • Disc Format: DVD-5

    Su-hyeon Hong
    Ji-Hwan Kang
    Chang-Seok Ko
    Soo-Hyun Hong
    Yong-Tae Song
    Hee-Jin Jang

    Written by:
    Ki-Duk Kim
    Jang Hun

    Directed by:
    Hun Jang

    Produced by:
    Ki-Duk Kim
    David Cho

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