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  • Drama (Aspect: 4 X 3 Full Frame)
  • DVD-R Product: This Product is manufactured on demand.
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    Gear grinding action hits the interstate on the road to adventure with Sonny (Claude Akins) and Will (Frank Converse) crossing the country in their infamous big-rig delivering the goods and good fortune along the way.

    • UPC: 818522018348
    • Release Date: 1975
    • Content Provider: Pro Classic TV
    • Runtime: 1024:00
    • Genre: Drama; Television
    • Language: English
    • Format: DVD-NTSC
    • Screen:
    • Aspect: 4 X 3 Full Frame
    • Rating: NR
    • Audio: Stereo
    • Color/BW: Color
    • Special Features:
    • Copyright: © 2016 D&R LLC and Squawtyna Films LLC. All Rights Reserved
    • Number of Discs: 5
    • Disc Format: DVD-9

    Claude Akins
    Frank Converse
    Roosevelt Grier

    Written by:
    Philip D'Antoni
    Barry J. Weitz

    Directed by:
    Michael O'Herlihy
    Paul Stanley

    Produced by:
    Philip D'Antoni
    Barry J. Weitz

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    DVD R......why not DVD?

    • Great show!
    • DVD R
    <p>I have waited years to purchase Movin On on DVD and was so excited to see it coming out....only to have my hopes dashed by seeing it is DVD R</p><p>I will not purchase DVD R because of freezeups that ruin the buyers viewing experience. On top of that, DVD R is expensive. </p><p>So sad to have to wait for what now may never be. :(</p>