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The Mad Doctor of Market Street

DVD (UPC: 025192049460)
  • Horror (Aspect: 4 X 3)
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Lionel Atwill, Claire Dodd, Nat Pendleton, Una Merkel, Richard Davies, John Eldredge, Hardie Albright, Noble Johnson, Rosina Galli

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When Dr. Benson's experiments in suspended animation result in a man's death, he is forced to flee San Francisco with the police in hot pursuit. He boards a luxury liner to Australia but a shipwreck lands him and a handful of survivors on a remote tropical island. The island natives are NOT very welcoming until Dr. Benson demonstrates his godlike powers by reviving the comatose wife of the island chief. Now worshipped as a deity, the doctor's ego rages out of control as he begins to focus on his master plan: "Just as the natives worship me, so will the whole world." An ideal showcase for horror star Lionel Atwill, The Mad Doctor of Market Street (1942) is also notable as an early effort by cult director Joseph H. Lewis (The Big Combo, 1955).

  • UPC: 025192049460
  • Release Date: 1942
  • Content Provider: Universal Studios
  • Runtime: 61:00
  • Genre: Horror - General
  • Language: English
  • Format: DVD-NTSC
  • Screen:
  • Aspect: 4 X 3
  • Rating:
  • Audio:
  • Color/BW: B/W
  • Special Features:
  • Copyright:
  • Number of Discs: 1
  • Disc Format: DVD-5

Cast and Crew

Lionel Atwill
Claire Dodd
Nat Pendleton
Una Merkel
Richard Davies
John Eldredge
Hardie Albright
Noble Johnson
Rosina Galli

Written by:
Al Martin

Directed by:
Joseph H. Lewis

Produced by:
Paul Malvern